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Special Education

The individual needs of all exceptional students are met through the process of identification, evaluation, placement, and the provision of needed and required programs and related services. All parents and students are provided procedural safeguards, due process, confidentiality, and the right to free and appropriate education.

A student's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is a document that the designated IEP team (parents, student, school administrator, related service providers, outside professionals, etc.) composes. The IEP highlights the strengths and needs of a student, in addition to providing the area(s) of concern, type of services, amount of time for services, and goals/objectives to be implemented. The student's educational path is truly tailored to meet his or her needs and preferences.

We at Sky Crossing Elementary believe all children can learn and be successful. We also recognize the individual learning styles of students and respect and support their differences.

Special Olympics

Once students turn 8 years old, PVSchools provides opportunities to participate in the Specials Olympics, which help student-athletes make new friends, learn new skills, and discover their independence.

Explore Special Olympics

SUN Kids Preschool

SUN (Serving Unique Needs) Kids is a dedicated, inclusive Preschool program that focuses on child-directed, rather than teacher-directed, activities that help students grow and develop alongside their peers.

Learn About SUN Kids

PVSchools Vision Department

A student's IEP team is equipped to develop vision-based goals and accommodations or modifications, if needed, to ensure the student is able to access their curriculum at all points of the school day.

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